dinsdag 17 januari 2012


I have joined my very first swap at Swap-bot. I had heard so many nice things about it, so i thought: let's join! It's hard to join nice swaps when you are a newbie, but i found a real nice one! It's the " I heart mail art" swap. I am a bit nervous if they would like the envelope I made, but I tried to make it colourful, vintage and nice! (there was no theme, but because I love newspapers, graphics, vintage; I used that inspiration for my envelope....what do you guys think? Did it turn out nice?

Inside the envelope I enclosed some goodies..the my swappartner loves postcards, so I decided to send some Dutch ones;of the Dutch coast,one from Vincent Van Gogh and some stickers!

This is the back of the envelope, pretty funny eh???

Let's hope my swappartner is HAPPYYYYYYYYYY!

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